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California Sugar Mummy – A 68 Years Old California Sugar Mummy is interested in you. This California Sugar Mummy in Walnut Creek, California, USA is looking for a man for a long-term relationship.

This California Sugar Mummy is divorced and has this to say about herself and the kind of man she is looking for.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m content with life and pleased with the way mine is developing. Although from the East Coast, I’ve lived in the SF area for 45 years. I have a home in Atlanta as well and travel seasonally between cities. During the week, I volunteer as a crisis, grief and senior peer counselor; I own a small editing business and am the occasional writer. For social fun, I host a weekly meet-up, take dance classes, and enjoy music and dancing with friends; for exercise, I hike and workout-maintaining fitness and good health is an important part of my life.

I’m very social, and love being out and about either with friends or alone; I’m not a homebody I’m an avid reader of non-fiction: current affairs and government, psychology and philosophy, sociology and science, as well as Dean Koontz on airplanes. I’m very liberal, both politically and socially, reflective, analytical and psychologically oriented; I believe I’m open-minded, but not so much that my brain falls out. As for relationships, I’m open to all that enhance my life and broaden my perspective. I appreciate people who are smart, kind, understanding and tolerant; I enjoy those who are adventurous and curious. I don’t expect anyone to be all things to me, and no one has to read my mind.

I am looking for

I’m interested in meeting a man who is kind, curious and not self-absorbed; someone who has a good sense of who he is and how he got here, understands his part in past liaisons and breakups, and has peaceful relationships with his children and exes. I expect tolerance and integrity – more honor than honesty – a sense of humor about most things, a forgiving nature, and a sense of gratitude about life. It goes without saying that he pursues healthy habits-smokers need not flirt. I would expect that he would have interests of his own, hobbies, etc., that keep him busy and make him happy – perhaps even a few that we can share.

I have no desire to be anyone’s cliche – queen, princess or soul mate – just an equal and a partner; I’m more interested in our ability to enjoy each other, cooperate, and resolve conflict when necessary. I’m attracted to a man for whom a strong/smart woman is exciting and a pleasure – not a burden or a competition. I hope to meet someone who is confident but not a bully, competent but not arrogant, and understands that none of us succeeds completely on our own. I think two people who like each other will find things to do together, so I don’t have a list – I’m up for most things.

Understand, I won’t be throwing myself out of a perfectly good airplane or bouncing at the end of a rubber band over a train trestle – this for me is not fun. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m probably not a great match if you’re into hunting, camping, fishing, rafting, boating, NASCAR, sun and sand. Golf – not in this lifetime.

I like most of the usual, though – some sports (tennis, ping pong, bowling, shooting); working out (weights, pilates, running); cooking (mostly eating); checking out the latest restaurants and clubs; dancing (the most!); carnivals and street fairs (cotton candy and kettle corn); theater, comedy clubs and movies (riotous comedies and intense drama); museums and galleries; live music and concerts (blues, top 40 and r&b); travel (day trips and international); hiking and exploring; shopping (of course!); reading, writing, computers; and much more. Mostly, I like hanging out with smart, kind, funny people. And, junky television. And hip hop. Yes, you heard me.

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